Monday night I wandered into the kitchen at church to fill my cup with ice for movie night.  I discovered this fabulous ice quite by accident a couple of years ago.  Small, squares about the size of that almost forgotten “Chicklets” gum.  Second only to Sonic ice, but that’s a story for another day.

So, Monday night I went in to fill my cup before the movie.  And the ice machine was NEW.  Yea!



My second favorite ice had been replaced with plain ice – flat, bland – like they have at McDonald’s. Ordinary.  Not special.

If I can’t have my second favorite ice, then why do I keep keys to the church?  I complained mightily, filled my cup anyway.  Because it IS summer…

Knitting.  That’s why we’re here.  Usually.  Working on a sweater for a designer.  I’m a test knitter.  Did y’all know that?  She sends me a pattern – no picture, because what I’m knitting will BE the picture.  Yummy yarn.  Usually really fabulous stuff that I might not have otherwise been able to knit with.  And.  She pays me to knit her stuff.  Can’t take pictures of these, because they’re not mine to share.  But I can tell you about my progress.  The sweater I’m working on today was due the first of June. I’m not finished.  I need about three more inches on the back.  Haven’t started the front.  Sleeves are about halfway there.  My excuse?  Camp.  And all over cables are really, really slow.  Not too complicated, just slow.  And I love the yarn and I love the pattern…just slow.  And I haven’t planted anything.  I’ve been knitting.

But I’m back – got an updated IPad and keyboard.  My old IPad was limping along and my mother got one when she replaced Sarah’s phone.  She had solitaire, bridge and a jigsaw puzzle on it and wasn’t enjoying it…at all.  MINE.  Thanks, Mom!


Christmas tree cakes

Christmas tree cakes.  Is there anything better?  For years, I bought them to fill children’s Christmas stockings.  Then, a few Christmases ago, when one was packing her car to head back home, she left the box on the bed.  Unopened.

“Wait, aren’t you going to take this box?”

“No.  About that, Mom.  We don’t actually like them.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because we knew YOU liked them.”

And the other day, Jamie brought home a box when he went to the grocery store.  Full circle.

Halloween Candy

My mother is a serious lover of chocolate.  Each fall, when the Halloween candy first hits the shelves, she starts to make her purchases.  Probably three bags of different candy.  Like a “taste test” to make sure the candy is just like she remembers…Then two or three more bags…then another…and FINALLY she’s ready to make her Halloween selection.  And she goes and buys the REAL Halloween candy.  Lots of it.  Y’all my mother hasn’t had a trick or treater in 30 years.  But she’s ready.

two dollars

This morning as I headed out the door with a loaf of bread for a friend, I remembered that I baked bread a lot when we first moved here as a way of introducing myself to the community.  I baked for teachers at school, people I met at church…pretty soon people in Florence were remembering me as the “bread lady.”

There was one woman at church who had been really gracious and I baked her bread as a “thank you.”  She called. “Dah-ling (emphasis on the DAH)…thank you for the bread.  I’d like it delivered every Wednesday.  I’ll leave two dollars on the kitchen counter.”  Wait.  What?  It doesn’t work that way.  Which is exactly what I told her.  It doesn’t work that way.

Her birthday is coming up.  Might bake for her birthday…

Plague of biblical proportions

Last weekend I went up th Holy Mountain for a training – EfM mentor recertification, to be exact.  Before one ventures out for days at a time, one MUST consider what knitting projects are worthy of the trip.  What can I knit that will be portable, occupy my hands, and at the same time, allow me to participate without constantly dropping in my bag to refer to a pattern? …So, we dig through stash before every venture.

I should have seen it coming.  Because a couple of weeks ago, when I was winding yarn for Christmas stockings, there were two or three breaks in the Christmas green yarn, but I chose to ignore them.  Denial.  Not a river in Egypt.

I went into the front bedroom aka my very own personal knit shop, because, yeah, there’s a LOT of yarn in my house…started to dig through the stash, opened a bin or two, pulled open a drawer…and there they were.  Two or three tiny (about the size of a pencil eraser) MOTHS!  OMG.  A plague!  Moths eat wool, people.  That’s not good!  Before I panicked, I remembered I had bought some moth bombs couple of summers ago when I had moths…that poor guy at Peck Hardware really didn’t understand my hysterical screaming that day, but his wife is not a knitter.  Dropped lavender scented moth balls in every bin of yarn, set off the bomb and left the house.  So much for picking projects for my trip.

Now my house smells like my grandmother’s closet.  Moth bomb is good for couple of months.  I think from now on, I won’t wait to see any evidence of Biblical plagues, I’ll bomb twice a year, whether it needs it or not.

So, I took the African afghan to work on.  It’s not wool, by the way, but Walmart acrylic – thank goodness, not the old really scratchy kind.  And I took the Christmas stocking.  It’s just a big sock, right?  Finished the reindeer and then didn’t have the right needles to turn the heel.  Oh well.  And I took a pair of socks, because I always take at least one pair of socks.