Yesterday was World Wide Knit In Public Day.  I did my part.  Waiting room at the Subaru place while I was getting my oil changed.. They’re really great people, btw.  Tell ’em I said so.

Found a knit shop in Madison – Haven’t been there before.  Hook a Frog.  They’re really great people, too.  I’ll be back.


And this may or may not have followed me home.  Very well behaved so far.  No straggling. 40% wool, 40% silk, 20% viscose.  Hope that doesn’t break any laws from Leviticus image

pictures of socks

Lots and lots of socks.  Pictures of socks.

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of some socks I made for a friend in a closed group on Facebook.  Because not everybody is “addicted to sock knitting.”  Someone commented that it was just the sock she was looking for to knit for her husband and would I share the pattern.  Ok.  So over to ravelry, which is facebook for knitters and I adjusted my account to “designer” and pay-pal.  Might as well be rocket science.  Because the way it sounds, I just clicked a couple of times and Ta Da, all is well.  Never mind going back and forth between my I-pad and Jamie’s laptop with pictures and things…

Then, I realized the pattern was did not match the picture I had posted, so I had to make notes…and find a sock that DID match.  So here goes…


now, ALL of these match the pattern.

boys and dirt

So, Sunday afternoon, Jamie and I made our way outside, clearing debris before cutting grass.  Somebody had broken a beer bottle on the front sidewalk.  Got broom and dustpan…took me FOUR passes to see all the glass.  Sigh.  Pulled weeds.  Dragged tree limbs to the street.  Lawn mower wouldn’t crank.  Of course it wouldn’t.  It NEVER cranks first time in the spring.  Tune up.

Boys.  There is a big difference between boy television and girl television.  I like to watch movies, ok, mostly girl tv, but it IS my tv, right?  Boy walks in the room and takes remote, because boys are entitled to drive the tv!  Really???  I sometimes don’t care unless there’s something I really want to watch.  Other times, it’s just background noise or company.  So I don’t make a fuss when he takes the remote.  But boy tv is so very different from girl tv.  Comedy channel – foul mouthed stand up comics.  History channel.  Discovery channel.  Whatever channel Yukon men and that drive 18 wheelers across the ice is.  Westerns.  Sci-fy movies.  At least we agree on the Food Network.

So I knit.  Wait.  I was gonna knit anyway.  Not a big deal.


Lent – a time to do the inner work.  The reason we give up “stuff” is to focus on our relationship with God.

I’m taking on dirt this Lenten season, but haven’t gotten to the dirt yet.  Have been doing the inner work this first week of Lent.  Several talks to give.  I preached Sunday and have three talks at a retreat this weekend…THEN we’ll play in the dirt.

All is well.


update.  I found car title…after I’d paid the money to replace it, sold the car…yada, yada, yada.  Called the dealership and they still wanted it.  Good.  Lesson learned.  Not much else hiding or mocking me in the hide and seek game.

Last year for Lent I gave up clutter.  Well, third time’s the charm.  Hired a wonderful woman who has organized my world.  Who knew?  And I’m so very happy with this world and the gift of time.  Because I don’t waste hours looking for stuff (except that car title) and can get on with the business of a creative life.  Then I remembered that I started a blog.

Which leads us to DIRT.  Lent starts next Wednesday and I’ve been giving some thought to what should I take on, because Lord knows I’m not giving up tv again.  And I’ve decided to take on dirt.  House is in good shape.  Garden needs attention.  Dirt.  Jamie and I started Sunday afternoon.  Trimmed some shrubbery, pulled weeds, yanked some ivy out of the flower beds.  And I LOVE playing in the dirt.  I love the feel of it.  I love the smell of it.  I love the meditative quality of it.  On my knees, praying.  Finding rolly pollys.  He’s working on a giant tree stump in the front yard.  Lovely landlord had a tree taken down last year because it was mostly dead.  Tree guy couldn’t take out the stump because of it’s position over water lines….so we work on it.

While we were in the front yard Sunday afternoon, a neighbor walking her dog stopped to admire the Cheeto tree.  Said she loved seeing it.  Invited her to pick cheetos when it blooms again.  Maci and I need to put cheetos on the tree this weekend.



St Anthony, please look around…

First, the good news.  Really good news if you live at my house and are in the bread baking business.  My bread woes are behind me, at least for now.  Have baked bread successfully three times in a row.  Have NOT preheated oven with starter in it, or bread rising in it….maybe, just maybe I’m back in a good bread baking groove.

Now, today’s challenge. Richard sent me St Anthony’s prayer, “St Anthony, St Anthony, please look around.  Something is lost and cannot be found.”  I’ve lost my car title.  NOT that I wanted a title loan – those people will OWN you forever.  But if I sell my car, whoever I sell it to, will need the title.  I googled what to do if I’ve lost it.  Gotta fill out a form, send it to the DMV in Montgomery along with $15.  That’s not too bad, but if I can find it, then I’ll save the $15.  And I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen it recently.  I have a folder that says “car” – which is where I thought I had put it for safekeeping.  Not.  So I have called on St Anthony for help.  St Anthony is making me wait.  Good news is that in the process of looking for said car title, I’ve purged another box of paper.  Yay me!  Lightening my load.

This week I’m grateful for my family.  Haven’t spent Thanksgiving with all three in years.  One of the downsides of having children in the restaurant industry.  So, if you’re lucky enough to be with your family, either biological family or family of choice, love up on your family!  Be kind to that weird cousin.  Don’t talk politics at the table.  Be thankful for a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in.  If you draw dishwashing duty, be thankful for running water.

Pray for rain.